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Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Somehow, perkara yang kita betul-betul nak dalam life kita tak dapat even though we tried hard to grab it. Sampai rasa all those efforts not worth it at all. Yes, surely I'm sad for that reason yang aku tak boleh brain until now. But yeahh this is life. 

So setuju tak if aku cakap somehow life kita ni macam bola yang orang boleh sepak sesuka hati?

Hahahahah. I just felt like that. Ouch, sorry. Seriously, I'm not ready for Enactus Malaysian National Cup (EMNC) even though just a few days left for the competition. Hmm. Hey cheers up babe, think positive and forgive people when they do wrong towards you. Btw, good luck and all the best for the presenters and technical teams.


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