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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Buku Fixi


For those who are looking for fixi limited edition books or preloved books can directly check our Instagram @laci_sepah to purchase. Surely all the books still in good condition and most of it are first edition.

So let's check it out. 

Preloved BUKU FIXI 📚

SUSPEK - First Edition (Rm17) *sold out*

KELABU - First Edition (Rm15) *sold out*
ASRAMA - (Rm17)
MONARKI - First Edition (Rm17)
ZOMBIJAYA - First Edition (Rm17)

Out of print BUKU FIXI 📚

KOUGAR - First Edition (Rm30) 
BISIK - First Edition (Rm30)
INVASI - First Edition (Rm30)
DENDAM - First Edition (Rm25) *sold out*
CEKIK - First Edition (Rm25) *sold out*
JERAT - First Edition (Rm25) *sold out*
PECAH - First Edition (Rm25)

Okay, kita tahu ramai yang cari #bukufixilimitededition ni. So taraaaa #bukufixikopi. Okay, kita open bid buku ni dengan harga RM100. Just a few days left, last bid 21 July. If tak ada orang nak bid lagi tinggi, so this book will be yours. Ingat, ni buku limited edition tau, ada dua copy je ni. So, cepat cepat view @laci_sepah okay.

Harga excluded postage. Rm7 sm, Rm9 ss
Sesiapa berminat boleh whatsapp 017-6924387 📲

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