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Monday, December 7, 2015

Gempur Eco Challenge!


Alhamdulillah, we did it. Congratulations teammates for the great achievement. Second place for Gempur Eco Challenge. Go sispa. Semangat berpasukan sangat. Hiks.  It's not easy to be a winner. A lot of difficulties and obstacles that we faced for this competition. Even I'm not participated in this competition but as a supporters and teammates, I'm so proud with all of you. All of you deserved to be a winner since all of you put more efforts and not give up. Stamina kena tinggi gaiss kalau tak memang tak mampu. Sakit weh pikul 10 kg of sand in bag-pack and etc. Until now bahu sis sakit since we need to setup all the bag-pack, log and others stuff for the participants the night before the competition day. 

So, let's me show some pictures during the competition. Sorry for low quality of pictures.

Yeah. Bukan senangkan? Congratulations once again and keep it up! Okay sis ngantuk dah. Night.

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