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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Latihan Medan, Setiu


No lectures for tomorrow. Yeayyy!

Supposed to be I have 2 hours lectures but my lecturer still MC. Pity her, get well soon Dr Nurul. She teaches me mathematics engineering for this semester. Hiks. Oh ya, midterm break was over! My schedule was packed since 2 weeks ago. Hectic weeks with assignments, test, lab report and latihan medan. Latihan medan was compulsory for SISPA which stand for Siswa Siswi Pertahanan Awam. Its contributed 30% of carry mark. Hahahahah. Somehow, I felt a little bit regret but I realized since I joined SISPA my stamina was increased. Every saturday we went to sport complex for physical training from 7.00 - 8.00 am. Believed it or not, I already prove it. Hiks. Powerkan, lol.

It was held at Lata Changkah Dua, Setiu. Kawasan air terjun serious sangat best dan sejuk. If someone make any faults, everyone will be fined. Choiiii sangat tau. The worst things was we need to share the same toothbrush with 114 people in the morning and night walking at 1.30 am. Yucks. I really glad I had been excused for that since my feet became itchy due to certain factor. Alhamdulillah, kalau tak mesti tak boleh hadam situasi tu. Geli. But not for night walking. I can't understands the instructions clearly because the commander used loghat negeri pekat sangat! Sis tak mampu nak hadam and syukur tak ada benda buruk berlaku. Paling happy aku lah bila latihan medan tamat. Hiks.

Already 4.00 am gaissss. Even though I don't have any lectures tomorrow, I still need to attend group discussion. Choi. Too late, night. 


  1. syazzz! zaty's here! hehehe dah bertahun tak jejak kat blog syaz ni. syaz still blogging and zaty pon! heherindunyaaa zaman deduluuu xD

    1. Hai zaty! Haaa kan masing-masing busy dengan life uni. Yeah but tak rajin macam dulu and makin hambar okay. So far zaty okay tak?

    2. haha sama lah! hambar sgt blog zaty sekarang wuuu. Alhamdulillah okay je. Actually tgh cuti ni. Cuti before masuk degree. hehe baru habis asasi.

    3. Manfaatkan cuti dengan apa yang patut. Hahahaha rasa nak balik stress nak final dah banyak gila assignment.